RUSH: It Is A Mistake For GOP To Take Impeachment Off The Table

RUSH: I want to be very clear on something here.  I do not accept the conventional wisdom that moving forward is instant death for the Republicans.  I just went through this, so I’m not gonna go through it point by point, word by word, but every political calculation the Regime has made this year has blown up in their face, and the greatest example is all these kids, accompanied children, the reason this is happening is twofold.  Well, hell, there’s actually a bunch of reasons, but I think there are two primary reasons.  One is to goad the Republicans into impeaching ’cause Obama and the Democrats think that’s a slam dunk win for them.

The second thing is, use kids and you soften the opposition to the whole notion of illegal immigration, because nobody wants to do anything to harm the children.  Witness the way Hamas uses children in the battle with Israelis.  I mean, even now, the children dying in Gaza are dying because Hamas is putting them in harm’s way.  The Israelis are getting all the blame for it, and the Israelis have their own PR problem, they don’t quite know how to deal with it because they’re dealing with idiots in the media who have closed minds about what’s happening over there.  I have sound bites to prove it later.

But the faces of children — you don’t even need to see the faces, really.  All you need to hear is it’s unaccompanied children that are fleeing war torn, poverty stricken, just horribly ravaged homelands.  They’re seeking safety, and they’re seeking milk, and they’re seeking a quality life.  Who are we to say, “No, you can’t come?”  The calculation is that even the most hard line anti-immigration activist will soften when it’s kids.  Well, that didn’t work out, did it?  It blew up in their face.  It blew up in their face in Murrieta, California. 

Mike Pence, the governor of Indiana, just found out that illegal alien children are being dumped in Indiana.  He found out in the media.  The Regime didn’t even tell him.  The Regime is not telling governors that they’re dumping these kids.  It’s blowing up in their face.  It is not resulting in a softened attitude toward illegal immigration.  And I think impeachment would work out the same way.  But it’s academic ’cause it isn’t gonna happen. 

I want to go further and make one the thing abundantly clear.  While I, El Rushbo, have not once advocated for this, despite the fact the media is putting me at the head of that class doing it, I do think it is a mistake politically for the Republicans to take it off the table.  There is no politics to be gained by taking it off the table.  The fact that they think there is, is an illustration of just how deeply depressed they are.  I contend to you that the Republicans, for some reason, are suffering posttraumatic stress disorder.

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