Rush Is Back! Limbaugh Discusses Big Moves In First Monologue Of 2014

RUSH: So I remember the first major market station that we had was WABC in New York, and that was the flagship, and the next… I forget the order.  I think Detroit was next, but very near the beginning was Los Angeles, AM 640 KFI, and it was momentous.  Let me give you a little inside baseball, in terms of the business of radio.  The top 25 markets… If you’re on a decent station in the top 25 markets, you are reaching 80% of the population of the country, and that’s relevant in terms of the business of advertising. 

I mean, you could be on 600 radio stations but if you’re not in the top 25 nobody’s gonna hear you, and it’s not just in the top 25; you’ve gotta be on stations in those markets that people listen to.  Well to cut to the chase here, today we are moving, and it’s kind of like the old days of announcing new stations, the excitement and growth of that.  In Los Angeles, we are moving across town to a station named after me: AM 1150 KEIB.

It’s KEIB in LA. 

We’re starting there today.  We’re going to be simulcasted on KFI for a period. I think it’s a month. It might be a little bit longer than that.  The stations are co-owned by EIB, so we have not created any enemies here.  We’re simply expanding our market in LA, and moving from KFI to KEIB.  In New York, we are moving to WOR, just down the dial. It’s AM 710 in New York, WOR, and today is the first day for both of those radio stations, and it is momentous. It is monumental. 

It’s a huge thing.  It may not be much to those of you out there. I’m giving you inside baseball stuff.  But in terms of the inside baseball business aspect, these are big moves, and there’s a lot involved here in the move that I’m not gonna get into, the reasons for it and so forth.  Just suffice it to say, it wouldn’t be happening if I didn’t want it to. It wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t what was the best for the EIB Network and for the audience.

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