RUSH: “IRS Suppressed The Tea Party Movement”

RUSH: At the very at least — at the very least — the IRS suppressed the Tea Party movement for 27 months, from March of 2010 to June of 2012, across two election cycles. That’s at the very least. The IRS suppressed the Tea Party movement. The IRS. In this case, a branch of the Obama administration. So you have one person in the Cincinnati office assigned to all the Tea Party tax-exempt applications, one person in the approval process.

And that one person — acting not as an IRS employee, and not as someone making judgments based on the law, but rather someone implementing the power of his political preferences under the guise of fairness and objectivity at the IRS — was waging war on the Tea Party, preventing the Tea Party from participating in the political process. Preventing. Who is the Tea Party, by the way? They’re just citizens who, for the first time in their lives in many cases, got involved in politics and started going to town hall meetings.

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