RUSH: If We Grant Amnesty The Country Becomes California, Totally Run By The Left

RUSH: Now, one of the reasons I want to tell you about this piece I read on California, I want to add to it, this Matthew Continetti piece.  What happened to California?  There is no Republican presence there at all.  There is no opposition to the Democrat Party or the American left in California at all.  Whatever the left wants, they get. And that state is exactly what this country’s gonna become. And when did it happen?  After amnesty in 1986.  And that’s why California’s important because we’re about to repeat history here.  If we grant amnesty again — back then it was only three million.  If we grant amnesty to 11 to 12, 15, 20 million, whatever it is, this country could end up being California, and by that, I mean, totally run by the American left and the Democrat Party with no opposition that has a chance whatsoever.  Which is exactly what California is.

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