RUSH: If The Media Was RELEVANT They Would Have Taken Trump Out

HARVEY LEVIN:  And that’s the weird thing about this election is that I think media has become more irrelevant this time around than they have in the history of television.  I really believe that.

RUSH:  Now, what he means by “irrelevant,” he doesn’t mean that they’re not effective.  He’s talking about “irrelevant” and “relevant” within the context of what they used to do.  They used to be. Even though they did all the opining an dthey did all the bias, they still informed people.  There still was “news.”  I mean, you tune in to ABC, CBS, NBC, you would learn something you didn’t know that had happened that day.  That doesn’t happen now.  That’s not what the news is, and that’s what he’s commenting on.

The news is exactly this. He’s exactly right: You gotta go for the jugular of the person you don’t want to be elected — in this case, Trump — and if you don’t do that? If you’re in the Drive-Bys, and you don’t do that, your fellow Drive-Bys and establishment members are gonna savage you, and it’s starting to happen a little bit to Fallon.  It is still happening to poor old Matt Lauer, who I am sure is in PTSD shell shock over this.  These guys don’t know what that kind of criticism is.  We get it every day and have for 27 years.

It’s part of being conservative in life and as an American, but they don’t know how to deal with it.  They’re totally unaccustomed to it, professional criticism, personal criticism.  And it is… In the case of Matt Lauer, it’s vicious even still, and it’s coming from the upper echelons of NBC.  His only defender is Andy Lack, who’s the news division president who’s actually (they say) the guy on the side of the earpiece.  But NBC said, “No, no, no, no! Nobody was feeding Matt questions.”

Yeah, they’re leaving him out to dry.  He came up with that device of demanding Hillary coming clean on the emails on his own.  But imagine! His career in jeopardy because he dared pursue a line of inquiry in Hillary Clinton.  That is verboten.  So Levin’s right: There is no news.  What he means by “irrelevant,” he may be saying that, if they were as relevant as they used to be, they would have taken Trump out by now.  I mean, Trump is a target-rich environment, and, if they had the power and the influence they used to have, they would have taken him out.


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