RUSH: I Shudder To Think What The News Would Look Like If GOP Tried To Indict A Democrat Gov

RUSH: This is Thomas, south side of Chicago.  Great to have you on the program.  Hello.

CALLER:  How you doing, Rush?  This whole thing with Perry, it’s unbelievable. The whole Democratic Party, they’re all crooks, they’re all corrupt, they’re all criminals. I’m from Cook County, and that’s where they learned it. So whether it’s Travis County or Cook County or Dade County, and I forgot to tell your screener, you can throw in Hennepin County in Minnesota, they’re all the same.  They use and recruit their prosecutors based on their political bent.  It’s used as a weapon. It’s the tip of the spear, and they use an indictment instead of the ballot, you know, and I’m an ex-precinct captain for the Democratic Party.  I’ve recovered.

RUSH:  Right.

CALLER:  I’ve seen the light.

RUSH:  Well, you can bet if the Republicans ever tried something like this to indict a Democrat governor for exercising a veto, I shudder to think what the news would look like that day.  I don’t think you could bottle the rage.  I don’t think you could keep it contained on TV.  I think your TV would be smoking.  Your TV might catch fire.  The rage of commentators would be so uncontrollable.  But when this happened, why, this is a smart, smart move, ’cause they got Perry when he wasn’t looking. 

Here’s Perry, he’s really feeling his oats. He’s thinking he’s scoring some major points, and he’s also helping the state. He’s taking on Obama and the left on this illegal immigration business.  He’s doing his best to represent not only the people of Texas, but he’s representing a majority of Americans. He’s feeling really good and he’s got a lot of media attention, and he’s on a comeback trail from his previous presidential campaign, where he didn’t shine so well, according to some. But now he’s putting it all together, he’s coming back for a new run, and out of the blue comes this. Governor of Texas indicted.

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