RUSH: I Never Endorsed Tony Dungy’s Remarks

RUSH:  I need to ask you all question.  Yesterday when the news hit of Tony Dungy, I remember previewing the news by saying, “Folks, there is a huge ‘uh-oh’ I just learned about.  I mean, it is an ‘uh-oh,'” and I admitted to teasing you, and I held the details through a commercial break, pleasing several program directors on the EIB Network. 

And then I revealed the news to you. 

I need to ask you: At any time yesterday when I reported the Tony Dungy story, did I “endorse” Tony Dungy’s remarks, and/or did I criticize Michael Sam of the Los Angeles — sorry, St. Louis — Rams?  Now, I asked the staff here, and the staff affirmatively said without any hesitation, “No, you didn’t endorse Dungy, and you didn’t criticize Sam.”  I said, “That’s what I thought.” 

But Media Matters has a story out there headlined: “Rush Limbaugh Endorses Dungy’s Remarks, Attacks Michael Sam,” and that did not happen here.  H.R. said, “Well, I don’t think it’s gonna matter because I haven’t had anybody from media to call and confirm it.”  I said, “Well, when do you ever have the media calling you to confirm something they read on Media Matters?”

“Well, that’s a good point.  They don’t.”

Precisely! The Drive-Bys just run with it because to them Media Matters is the gospel.  But the fact is I didn’t say one thing or the other. I just reported what he said with, “Uh-oh!”  You know, it’s the same thing that happened Tim Tebow. There were a lot of teams that said, “Oh, we’re not gonna get anywhere near Tebow! Are you kidding me? The kid can’t play!

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