RUSH: “I Have Been Wrong Every Time I’ve Predicted Mrs. Clinton’s Future Movements”

RUSH: Now, the Hillary candidacy. You know, I’m gonna remind you of this: I have been wrong every time I have predicted Mrs. Clinton’s future movements. You know, I’m a student of the women’s movement when walking behind it, and that’s how I’ve observed Mrs. Clinton.

Every time I have predicted she wouldn’t run, I’ve been wrong. I didn’t think she would run for New York City Senator, and she did. That’s really the only time I thought that, and there might have been a second time. But I’m right back to I don’t think she’s gonna run in 2016, and I’ll go further. Even if I’m wrong again, and if she does run, I don’t know of any front-runner who has actually won anything in a long, long time, and she is the presumptive front-runner right now.

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