RUSH: I Don’t Watch Cable News

RUSH: Last night I must admit, and I sometimes worry about this, but I don’t watch cable news much anymore.  There are a lot of reasons for it.  I remember I used to be habitually — well, not addicted, but I made appointments every Sunday to watch the Sunday morning shows.  And after a while I stopped, I lost interest.  And the reason I lost interest is I stopped learning things.  It didn’t matter who the guests were, what they were going to say was predictable.

So there was no anticipation for what might be said, what might happen, even if there were some scandal going on and some member of the Regime was gonna show up, or even a previous administration, it just lost interest for me.  And over time much of cable news has, because it is all so formulaic and predictable.  This is not a criticism of it, please don’t misunderstand.  That’s not my point here.  I don’t watch it and I’m thinking maybe I should take the time as part of the job to watch it, because you probably do.  So I ought to be watching some of what you watch, just for the purposes of being able to relate to it, to be empathetic about it. 

But I’ve been selfish and I have been indulging myself in ways that I’m actually interested, things that I actually want to do.

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