Limbaugh To Goldberg: I Couldn’t Win Presidency Because I’ve Been Demonized

RUSH: Last night Bernard Goldberg was on Fox on the “O’Baxter” Factor.  The host Bill Baxter was asking Goldberg about the battle between Republicans and conservatives that’s going on.  And the question was, “Okay, Bernie, look, you are in a controversy with some far-right people who object.  The Republican Party split, right, Bernie?”

GOLDBERG:  Rush Limbaugh.  Nobody articulates conservatism as clearly and passionately as Rush Limbaugh.  He’d be the first to acknowledge that he couldn’t win a national election. The true blue real conservative Republicans need to understand is that, despite what they think, most Americans don’t think the way they do.  They’ll never elect a Dennis Kucinich on the left, and I don’t believe they’re gonna elect a Ted Cruz on the right.  The only reason Barack Obama, who’s more liberal than all of them, got elected, wasn’t because of his politics, but because he created a cult of personality, and that’s what the Republicans need, a real conservative with a great personality, and those people are hard to come by.

RUSH:  Now, Bernie, who I like, chose to speak for me there and put words in my mouth that I would not have agreed with had I been sitting next to him last night.  It may well be that even if I wanted to be president, that I wouldn’t win, but it’s not because I’m conservative.  The reason I couldn’t win is that I’ve been demonized.  My reputation has been demonized and assaulted for 25 years.  And even had I chosen on each occasion to respond to it and to try to defend it, it wouldn’t have mattered, because I woulda still been a lone wolf.  The truth of the matter here is, it’s not conservatism that can’t win.  It is that conservatism has been so ogre-ized and so demonized by an alliance of the Democrat Party and the media.

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