RUSH: I Can’t Get It Out Of My Mind That Obama Admin Got Away With So Many ABJECT LIES

RUSH: You know, when I hear this guy speak now, his reaction to a terror attack… I’m sorry. Because of what happened yesterday, I can’t get Benghazi out of my mind, and there’s something else I can’t get out of my mind.  I really can’t come to grips even now with the fact that this administration got away with so many abject lies.  The big one about a video being responsible for it. And furthermore, that some absolutely clueless…

This guy Nakoula Nakoula? They found this guy somewhere in California. They put him in jail. They put the producer that nobody ever heard of… They put him in jail.  They scared the daylights out of him. He went along with it. He was acquiescent as he could be.  The things lining that just didn’t happen in this country, and were they to happen somebody else they would be impeached.

But to jail an innocent person on a false, bogus charge to carry forth a lie that is designed to protect yourself as president and your campaign? So now when I hear this guy speak about terrorism and the aftermath of attacks, I just don’t believe anything.  “We cringe, we cry, we join you in tears for the loss of life,” and so forth?  It sounds like he’s more upset about what happened in Turkey that he’s upset when these things happen in this country.

Sorry.  It just comes across that way to me.

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