RUSH: How Can Sandra Fluke Donate $100K To Her Campaign Yet Can’t Afford The Pill?

This Via Jack Coleman @ NewsBusters

Two years after he was widely vilified for suggesting that Sandra Fluke was a “slut” and “prostitute” for insisting that other people — taxpayers or insurance companies, she wasn’t picky — pay for her birth control, Rush Limbaugh asked a question about Fluke today on his radio show that we’re unlikely to hear from what he derides as the “drive-by media.”

Fluke, who somehow survived her brutish treatment by Limbaugh to land a prime-time speaking gig at the Democratic National Convention that year, right before Bill Clinton aptly enough, is running for state senate in California. That she might get elected is due largely to Limbaugh’s role in making Fluke a public figure. Poor thing, the fame she’s had to endure as a rock star on the left, where they robotically view people they admire as rock stars, has been hellish.

Turns out Fluke has donated mucho deniro to her campaign, more than $100,000, even though she was alleging poverty in 2012 while begging for public assistance to pay for her contraception. Such a target proved irresistible to Rush — again

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