RUSH: House Leadership Says ‘We’re Gonna Let Obama Take The Reins. Lead For A While And See Where It Ends Up.’

RUSH: I must tell you, I got a note last night from the head honcho for a member of Congress. Chief of staff member of Congress, apparently the leadership of the House has told the — folks, now, don’t throw anything at me. According to the note that I got from chief of staff to a member of House last night, the leadership of the House has said to the Republican caucus, “We’re just gonna let Obama take the reins. We’re just going to let Obama lead for a while and see where it ends up before we decide what we need to do.” If that’s accurate, I can tell you the House doesn’t sound like they want to play ball on a select committee on Benghazi. I don’t know about Senator McConnell who runs the Republicans in the Senate. I don’t know where he is on that idea. I don’t know if he’s pro or con. But for all of you who think — for example, folks, get ready here, get ready.

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