Rush: ‘HOMEY BOO BOO’ Rachel Jeantel Talking About A Reality Show

RUSH: You gotta understand, Rachel is exactly what I was just talking about.  Rachel Jeantel is proud of what she’s done. I guarantee you that in Rachel’s house, they’re talking about maybe a reality show, maybe a TV show.  In Rachel’s house they’re saying if the Kardashians have one, why not us?

CALLER:  That’s probably true.  That is absolutely true. 

RUSH:  You know, throw out a $5,000 Walmart gift card and you never know what you can get.


RUSH:  Maybe Homey Boo-Boo?  I don’t know.  Has anybody asked Rachel Jeantel, has she weighed in whether or not the Washington Redskins is a racist mascot name?  Somebody should ask.

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