RUSH: Homeland Security Letting Illegal Children Invent Families

RUSH: The Department of Homeland Security is letting these illegals invent families.  I told you this was going to happen.  I remember when I did mention this that a number of people thought, “Come on, Rush, that’s not what’s happening.”

I don’t understand, after 25 years people still doubt me.  I don’t think it’s really doubting me.  I’ve really come to believe that people still have a tough time accepting exactly who Obama is and exactly what his plans are.  So, for instance, I mentioned anybody could figure out that 55 or 60,000 kids don’t just happen to coincidentally show up on the Southern border.  That takes some sort of plan and it takes some sort of planning. 

Then you add to it, as I said, the next thing that’s gonna happen is they will find their parents because every child needs a parent as well as a village.  Every child needs a parent.  We can’t have these children separated.  This is how we tug at the heartstrings of the American people.  And then the next obvious thing is to track down their parents in El Salvador, Guatemala, wherever else, Honduras, and bring them here. 

“No, Rush, that’s never gonna happen.”  It’s exactly what’s going on, folks, out of concern for the children.  And right here it is.  The Department of Homeland Security is letting these illegals invent families if they have to in order to exploit the loophole in our law.  And that is a law from 2002.  It dates back to the Bush administration, which allows children who arrive here from noncontiguous countries to stay.  If they come from Mexico or Canada, they can sent back within 24, 48 hours, whatever it is.  And isn’t it coincidental that all these children are coming from noncontiguous countries.  That’s what I mean by exploiting a loophole in the law. 

I forget why this happened, but it was not intended for this.  This is another unintended consequence of the 2002 law.  So what is happening now, I kid you not, the Department of Homeland Security is letting these illegal children, unaccompanied children, invent families in order to exploit that loophole.  They’re letting them hook up with complete strangers and then pretending that they’re relatives just to get across the border and escorted into the US heartland.  They have to find Democrat friendly lawyers to make these kinds of arrangements.

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