RUSH: Hollywood Is Like The NFL… Leftists That Cannot Admit That They Are Being Rejected

RUSH: Look at the Hollywood box office. This was a disaster. This year was a disaster. Just in terms of ticket sales, box office, budgets, it was a disaster. Even this latest Star Wars movie is already petering out in its second week. It’s unprecedented for a Star Wars movie to die that quickly. Hollywood is like the NFL.

The NFL is failing to realize why their television ratings are down. They’re failing to realize why fewer people are showing up to watch games in stadiums. They have got themselves convinced it’s too much football, the Thursday night game is just too much and people are worn out. And Hollywood, the leftists cannot admit that they are being rejected, because they think they are the majority, that they are the heartbeat of America.

So they rely on it just being the stupidity of the American people. And, as such, they just continue to beat the American people over the head with the same things the American people are rejecting. This is a… It’s exactly what the left does. And now look. Now, after saying Trump was unserious when he mentioned Oprah as his running mate… He did this the first day he announced in June of 2015. He talked about Oprah as a possible running mate, and they said, “That proves he’s not serious!” Now they, they are talking about Oprah being their nominee.

They’re a bunch of copycats, and they think the answer now is celebrity. You know, and here we have Donna Brazile out there paving the way for Michelle Obama to get the nomination, and somebody… I wouldn’t want to have to tell Michelle Obama that she’s gonna have to step aside for The Oprah, because I’ll guarantee you Michelle Obama and her husband, Barack Hussein Obama, are thinking that Oprah is nothing in politics without them. They don’t think Oprah made them. They think they gave Oprah political cred because all Oprah did before they came along is cry on TV and in movies. There’s nothing original for the left. They recycle playbook pages and update it for current content.

But Paula, I’m glad you called. I really appreciate it.


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