RUSH: Hillary Clinton Is ‘WHAT HAPPENED’

RUSH: Mrs. Clinton. You know, the book, the title, the cover of her book? You don’t need to know any more. The top: “What Happened.” The bottom half: “Hillary Rodham Clinton.” That’s what happened! She tried, she got kicked out, and she still can’t get over it, and funny things are happening on her book signing tour.


RUSH: I keep trying to ignore Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton bores me. But it doesn’t matter because she still continues to make news; it sucks me back in, and my professional requirements necessitate me mentioning her. Some of this is actually kind of funny, and it’s also proof of a couple claims that I have been making about Mrs. Clinton for many, many moons.


RUSH: Mrs. Clinton, in her book — and again I just want to say: Have you seen the book? Look at the cover. On the top half: “What Happened.” On the bottom half: “Hillary Rodham Clinton.” What is it? What Went Wrong? “What Happened”? You don’t even need to read the book. The cover explains it: Hillary Rodham Clinton: What Happened. She happened! You don’t need to read it. That’s why there are people like me, who will tiptoe through this thing and find humorous anecdotes, like this.

I’ve always mentioned, Hillary Clinton, one of the problems she has is she does not connect with people. And it’s not something you can practice doing. It’s your personality. Trump connects with people. And what I mean by this, when Trump does a rally, the people in that arena, wherever it is, have a personal connection. They believe Donald Trump is them. They believe Trump is speaking just to them. They don’t think that Trump is condescending. They don’t think Trump believes he’s better than anybody else.

It’s akin to the Q factor with movie stars and television personalities. There’s a Q factor, and it basically measures things that we call connection. And you either have it or you don’t. It’s like if you can’t throw a 95-mile-an-hour fastball, nobody can teach you to do it. If you’re not likable, nobody can coach you to likability, in the political realm or the celebrity realm. Either you are or you aren’t. A lot of factors: believability, trust, genuineness. There’s a whole lot of things. Of course, your physical appearance, but that’s not as…

In terms of connection, physical appearance is not nearly as necessary as other characteristics or personality traits. Mrs. Clinton, throwing the physical out, does not have the ingredients necessary to connect with people. And it’s because it’s obvious that she doesn’t want to. And she admits this, knowingly or unknowingly, in her book.


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