RUSH: Hillary Clearly Communicated Her Arrogance, Hubris, Contempt, And Her Viciousness

RUSH: I want to go back to our first caller, who mentioned Hillary’s condescending smirk and smile and her attitude.  Folks, this is potentially huge.  The Drive-Bys are going to miss it entirely ’cause they don’t look at things like this.  They measure these debates by what people say.  That is how they score all of this.  And they miss the old creed:  People rarely remember what you tell them, but they never forget how you make them feel.

Hillary Clinton does not and did not last night inspire feel good.  She doesn’t have it in her.  She was condescending. She was rolling her eyes at times. She was clearly insulting Trump by looking like she thought he was an idiot.  People notice this stuff, like Algore sighing throughout the first debate he had with George W. Bush.  And every Drive-By Media inside-the-Beltway establishment member is gonna miss all of this because they judge these debates on words, rhetoric.  “Who scored the most points?  Who got in the best zingers?”

By tonight nobody’s gonna remember what anybody said specifically.  They’re not gonna remember any zingers.  There weren’t any good zingers.  There was nothing memorable last night in terms of what was said.  But there was everything memorable about how people were made to feel.  Attitude and personality is measured by demeanor and appearance.  And I’m just telling you, with that grating smirk, Hillary clearly communicated her arrogance, her hubris. Even Colin Powell talked about her hubris, her contempt and her viciousness.


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