RUSH: GOP Was In A FREEFALL Before Trump

RUSH: Let me ask you a question:

“Prior to July of 2015, when Donald Trump got into the presidential race, what was the status, what was the condition of the Republican Party?  It wasn’t held in high regard, was it?  I mean, if you think back to those days, Republican-conservative voters were fit to be tied.  They had given the Republicans the House in 2010, the Senate in 2014, and the Republicans were not stopping Obama, were not opposing the Democrats.  People were fit to be tied.

So Trump comes along, gets in the race, and who was the establishment behind and who did the establishment think was going to be the nominee — and, by the way, was going to end up being the nominee by avoiding the base?  Was that none other than Jeb Bush?  It was.  And how many millions of dollars were raised to promote the Jeb Bush for President candidacy? Well, it was like $115 million, and they spent most of it.  They spent, I think, $100 million of the $115 million.  How many delegates did Jeb end up with, do you remember, Mr. Snerdley? (interruption)

Six.  You’re off by five.  It’s close.

He got six delegates with $100 million.  Now, my point is: We’re hearing now that because of Trump the Republican Party is in a freefall.  It was in a freefall before all of this happened, which is why this is happening.  And the freefall that it was in is illustrated by the fact that Jeb’s $100 million didn’t get him the nomination.  Now, stop and think if you were part of that apparatus. You’ve gone out there and raised $100 million.

You had the best consultants.  You had the best advisors.  You had the best planners.  You had the best everything! What have you got to show for it?  Six delegates.  Over here, a guy you think is a buffoon, ran away with everything.  My point here, folks, is that the effort is underway to blame whatever is happening to the Republican Party on Trump, when in fact the Republican Party was in a bit of a tailspin — maybe a nosedive, even — before.



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