RUSH: I forget if it was last week or the week before, there was either a call asking my opinion or else I just launched into it based on something that happened in the news. But I was trying to explain why the Republicans were not fighting back on anything having to do with Obama and the Democrats, and I said, “‘Cause I think they’re shell-shocked. I think they’ve got PTSD. I think they’re scared to death. They don’t see Obama plummeting in the polls, and if they do, they don’t believe it. They’re just shell-shocked, and this government shutdown, the fact they got blamed for it ’cause they’ve been called racist, I’m telling you, they’re shell-shocked. They’ve got posttraumatic stress disorder.”

And then that begot a call from a guy who said, “That’s not what it is, Rush.  They agree with all of this.  They’re not shell-shocked.  They believe in Big Government, too.  They don’t really oppose Obamacare. 

I said, no, that may be somewhat true, but I do think — I’ve talked to them.  You don’t have to talk to ’em to know.  You can see they are shell-shocked.  They are scared to death to say anything critical of Obama and the Democrats.  And they’ll do anything to avoid a government shutdown, including giving Obama what he wants, which we just saw.  Well, today, in the Washington Post, there’s a column by a man named Marc Thiessen and the headline: “Budget Deal Shows the GOP Has PTSD.”

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