RUSH: GOP Are Winning, At Least The Cruz And Lee Faction Is WINNING

RUSH: When are the Republicans going to understand, and I’m dead serious about this, when are they going to understand that the objective here is to wipe them out. When are they going to understand that the pure, the only purpose of all of this is to effectively eliminate the Republican Party as anything viable, nothing more than a placeholder is all it’s going to be if Obama and the Democrats get their way. There was never any desire to negotiate, never any desire to share ideas, never any desire to reach a compromise or come to some sort of agreement. The purpose every time — and how many times has this taken place and yet somehow that message doesn’t get through.

This is why, folks, I have been maintaining, and I’m sure that many of you have probably been frustrated at me for being a little bit absent reality in your mind. But since the Cruz/Lee faction got going, I have been making the point — trying to anyway — that the Republicans are winning, that at least the Cruz and Lee faction is winning. Last week, it was I think Thursday or Friday, I remember doing a monologue on how the Republicans’ so-called conservative commentariat in Washington, inside the Beltway is out blaming Cruz and blaming Lee and blaming me, blaming the new media and blaming the Tea Party for this impasse.

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