RUSH: Global Warming Offers Obama Opportunities To Be Dictatorial

RUSH: Let’s move on to the White House now and the reestablishment of climate change and global warming as a new primary impetus of the White House because it offers the president opportunities to be dictatorial.  Executive orders and executive actions.  Now, John Podesta was dragged out yesterday to all of a sudden make some comments about this.  John Podesta was Bill Clinton’s chief-of-staff, and he’s over at a think tank.  I think it’s The Center for American Progress.  I get ’em confused.  Think Progress, Center for American Progress, Advanced Liberal — (interruption)  Center for American Progress, yeah.  He’s back in the Obama White House, and he’s been back since December of last year, and I want to take you back to December 11th, last year, and just replay for you what I said about why they were bringing Podesta back.


RUSH: We want people who are gonna stop this.  Ergo: “Let’s get an issue! Climate change, global warming, Algore, movies! The media will be all in.”  So this is it.  They’re simply circling back to something that they think is one of their core issues that will drive turnout — and also, by the same token, permit Obama to exercise dictatorial powers with his executive orders.

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