RUSH: Global Warming Is Merely A Platform To Advance Communism

RUSH: So now you got the UN climate chief saying that communism is the best way to fight global warming.  That’s what it’s all about.  That claim right there, folks, in a nutshell, is what the whole issue of global warming is all about: The spread of communism — which for our purposes means expansive government, tax increases, more and more people dependent on government.

Total authoritarianism, and totalitarian control. That’s what it means.  That’s what global warming is.  It’s merely a platform to advance communism. That’s all it is.  It’s not about science.  It’s not about warming.  It’s not about the climate.  It’s about convincing people that they, simply by living their lives with progress, are destroying the planet — and in order to pay the price, to make amends, in order to be absolved of that sin, you must agree for your government to become even bigger and more powerful.

You must agree to pay punitive taxes to make amends for the damage and the destruction you’ve wrought, and that’s all it is, folks.  That, in a nutshell, is what global warming is.  Those are not my words. “UN Climate Chief Says Communism is Best Way to Fight Global Warming,” while in communist countries have the greatest pollution and people are dying from it.  It’s a scam.  It’s a total left-wing scam.  Textbook.

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