RUSH: Donald Trump Jr. Wanted To Be A ‘PLAYER’

RUSH: I’m just gonna share with you some common sense that I have. Well, you can judge whether it’s common sense or not. Some observations I have combined with the facts as we think we know them. We have a British PR flack named Rob Goldstone, who over a year sends an email claiming to have high government information from Russia that will help the Trump campaign because the Russian government wants Trump to win and wants Hillary to lose. And on the basis of that, Trump Jr. eagerly accepts the meeting, and the Russian babe who shows up doesn’t know anything about that.

The New York Times today in a story says that the flack, Goldstone, denies saying this. Now, if Trump was colluding with the Russians, I don’t think this would have mattered much because it would have already been known. If Trump was colluding with Putin — let’s just put it out there — if Putin and Trump were working together to steal the election from Hillary and all of a sudden Trump Jr. gets an email saying somebody has high-level information from the Russian government, a lawyer nobody knows and is requesting a meeting to talk about it, what would the Trump campaign’s reaction be?

A lawyer we don’t know has information, we’re already colluding, what could this woman have? We don’t need to take this meeting. We’re already colluding in my hypothetical. Does that have no impact on you? I mean, seriously. If Trump and Putin are colluding and Junior — you know what’s going on here, don’t you? Folks, don’t you know what’s going on here? Don’t make me have to say this stuff.

I hate having to say the obvious. You know, the obvious is something a lot of people don’t want to say. Junior wanted to be a player. If you go back and you look at the campaign, who are the big names in the campaign? You got Eric out there, he’s doing his appearances, Donald Trump Jr. is doing some appearances, so is Ivanka, Bannon’s star is rising, Trump is owning it out there. The thing that’s happening to that family is something that most of us will never experience. That kind of high, that kind of rush — no pun intended — and everybody wants to be in on it. Nobody wants to be a straggler. Everybody wants to be considered a player and relevant and so forth.

So Trump Jr. gets the email. “Yeah, yeah, I want to help dad, all right, all right, I’ll take it.” But at the end of the day there wasn’t any such information. There was no high-level information. There wasn’t anything from the Russian government. Nobody had any information that was passed on to Junior or anybody else.



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