RUSH: Donald Trump Has ‘Childlike Enthusiasm’ For The Things That He Likes

RUSH: Now, about childlike.  I don’t think these people understand what childlike is.  Our group of guys that plays golf, there’s one of them who is so childlike, he is so enthusiastic about the game. This guy, playing golf is like… It’s like a 10-year-old getting to do what he wants to do.  He doesn’t stop talking about it.  When we get on the course, he won’t stop talking about it.  He loves it.  He doesn’t hide his childlike love. We envy it! We envy it.  This guy is unencumbered.  He is just totally in love with the game of golf and the act of playing it and being with everybody he loves when he’s playing the game.

And we describe him as child.  We describe it as “childlike passion.” It’s childlike, uncorrupted by the negative realities of the game.  So if Donald Trump is childlike? I can tell you, I’ve seen childlike Donald Trump when he’s talking about his golf courses. I’ve seen childlike Donald Trump when he’s talking about the latest building he’s building or his hotel. I’ve seen childlike Donald Trump describing a great shot he just hit on the golf course.  When I played with Trump, he shot a 72.

There’s also all kinds of stories that Trump cheats.  I never saw it.  Everybody I told I played golf with him asked, “Well, how many times did he cheat?” I never saw it.  I was in the golf cart with him.  I never saw it.  Donald Trump has childlike enthusiasm for the things that he likes.  Now somehow this means he’s not an adult?  This means he’s immature and whatever?  Okay.  How many of you people that think Donald Trump is human debris? How many of you could do half of what he’s done?

How many of you who have lived and breathed and grown up in the establishment could ever get elected to anything?  How many of you can do nothing more but sit there and criticize the doers, and yet you’re never gonna be doers? I think all this is backwards.  I think the people losing their minds — the people acting childlike and immature and insane, the people incurious to learn what’s really going on — are the people leveling these charges at Donald Trump. But that’s just me.



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