RUSH: Do You Think Crazy Bernie’s Voters Are Just Gonna Gut It Up And Join Forces With Hillary?

RUSH: The Democrats, they’ve got more problems than they know, and they probably do know the problems they have.  They have just a dead campaign going.  Hillary Clinton doesn’t excite anybody.

The only excitement in that campaign is Bernie Sanders, and Bernie supporters are starting to get the idea that no matter how well he does, no matter how much money he raises, that none of it’s gonna matter, that Hillary’s gonna be the pick.  They’re starting to figure out here that they don’t have a voice in the Democrat Party.  And everybody’s talking about, “Well, you know, if Trump doesn’t get the nomination, if the GOP steals it from Trump, his voters are gonna just go away.”

What about Crazy Bernie’s voters?  You think they’re just gonna snap to and say, “Okay, yeah, well, our guy lost in a fair fight.  We appreciate the Democrat Party ran a fair fight.  We gave Bernie every chance.”  You think they’re just gonna gut it up and join forces with Hillary?  The odds are that they will, that’s what everybody thinks, because their common enemy, us, is what will unite them.  But, I’ll tell you, there’s some people on the Democrat side just as ticked off with the establishment for their own reasons as there are on the Republican side. But in the coverage here, you never you never have any of the similarities.

You know, they love to harp on whatever unfavorables Cruz has. You know, whatever polling data negative there is about Cruz, oh, man, talking about how Cruz, he might be able to win the nomination but he’s never gonna be elected president.  He can’t be, he’s this, he’s that. They say the same thing about Trump and the thing is somebody’s gonna win it, and I think it’s gonna be one of those two guys, unless the establishment pulls a rabbit out of their hat, which they’re gonna try to do, make no mistake about it.

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