RUSH: Did You Think You Were Gonna Get The Truth On Benghazi 2 Hours Before The Super Bowl?

RUSH:  The way Fox does this, the way they look at it when it’s over, they were not.  They got their questions in. They got the PR for their guy. They got their number one guy on TV with the president at the Super Bowl pregame. Done.

CALLER:  Well —

RUSH:  What happened on it doesn’t matter.

CALLER:  Well, I —

RUSH:  From Obama’s standpoint, he dodged the questions.

CALLER:  They hire reporters to go to the press conferences.  Let ’em ask. Why don’t they ask it there?

RUSH:  Because they’re not going to.  Those are Republican questions and they’re not gonna ask Republican questions.

CALLER:  Well, we’re in deep trouble.  That’s all I can say.

RUSH:  O’Reilly doesn’t go to the press conferences.  I wouldn’t, either.  Don’t anybody misunderstand.  Here, I’ve got the sound bites, some of the questions.  Look, Ron, I appreciate the call. I understand your frustration.  But did you think, Ron, that two hours before the Super Bowl started you were gonna get the truth of what happened in Benghazi?

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