RUSH: Dems Believe They Can Convert ‘McConnell Triggering The Nuclear Option’ Into Electoral Victory In 2018

RUSH: I have it on good authority why they’re really doing this. This goes a long way to establishing one of my new theorems, and that is that the Democrats are an arm of the media, not the media an arm of the Democrats.

I have it on good authority that the Democrats, because have counseling with the media, actually believe that they can convert McConnell triggering the nuclear option into electoral victory in 2018. I kid you not. There has been all this speculation, which politics is filled with people that… It’s kind of like in football the analysts and experts who analyze each week’s game with the point spread straight up, analyze this matchup, that matchup, and nobody knows the hell of anything of what they’re talking about because the game hasn’t started yet.

So you get all these predictions based on what you have on paper as what might happen. And politics is filled with people that do nothing but make wild guesses in blogs and on websites and on TV, and it’s called “educated analysis.” And most of that educated analyses has been that the Democrats are making a mistake triggering the nuclear option on Gorsuch because there’s no change in the balance of power, that Gorsuch is simply replacing Scalia, and so there’s no real ideological change in the makeup of the court.

So it’s silly to waste a filibuster here. They should just go ahead and confirm Gorsuch. He’s a good judge. All kinds of leftists around the country, judges and jurists, think there’s no sense in stopping the guy. There’s nothing there. But others on Trump’s list… When it comes to time, say, one of the libs retires or something else happens and one of them creates an opening, and then Trump wants to nominate another Gorsuch type or conservative to fill the lib’s seat, that’s what it gets nuclear on the Democrat side.

So the learned strategists have been saying, “The Democrats are making a mistake here. They’re wasting this. They should save this until the next opening,” and it appears they’ve missed the whole point of why the Democrats are doing this. Democrats are doing this for 2018. I know it sounds odd. The Democrats are looking at big trouble in 2018 if there isn’t a change in public sentiment from the 2016 election. We’ve got a bunch of Democrat senators from red states that Trump won that are up for reelection. It’s like 10 of them.


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