RUSH: Democrats Raise Their Kids To Be INSANE

RUSH: Get this.  This is from our old buddy Ben Shapiro at the Daily Wire.  “While appearing on a show that lowers the collective IQ of the nation by at least one standard deviation, The View –” Have you seen that show lately?  The collective IQ of the hosts on that show you could put in a thimble.  Anyway, Stephanopoulos’ wife was on The View recently.  Her name is Ali Wentworth, and she explained what election night was like at the Stephanopoulos-Wentworth house.

Ali Wentworth, the wife of Stephanopoulos, who’s actually a Clinton war room member who works disguised as a journalist at ABC, Ali Wentworth said, “It involves my 14-year-old getting upset about the election.” Apparently what happened in the Stephanopoulos house, when it became clear at two in the morning when their 14-year-old was still up, when it became clear at two in the morning or whenever it was, that Trump was going to win, George Stephanopoulos’ daughter started screaming, “No abortion!  No abortion!”  A 14-year-old.  And Ali Wentworth, the mother on The View said to her daughter, “You haven’t kissed a boy yet. Don’t use that term so flippantly.”

Now, if you’re wondering why the left has gone insane, maybe it’s because they’re raising their kids to be insane.  Do we even believe this story?  You have to tell me, folks.  I don’t have 14-year-olds running around my house.  But on election night and a winner is announced and a 14-year-old, “No abortion!  No abortion!”  If it did happen, what in the name of Sam Hill are they doing as they raise this kid. And if it didn’t happen, look at the extent to which they will lie and make their children look like idiots in order to advance their agenda.  “No abortion! No abortion!”

And of course the mother says she has to chastise the daughter. “Don’t use that word so flippantly, you haven’t even kissed a boy.”  Why does a 14-year-old know the politics of abortion?  And why does the election of Donald Trump trigger, “No abortion!  No abortion!” in a 14-year-old?  They’re raising them this way, my friends.  They’re raising to be insane, and they are succeeding at it.


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