RUSH: Democrats Know They Cannot Politically Survive A Successful Trump Presidency

RUSH: If Trump has another successful month or two, the Democrats are gonna be in more trouble than they will probably be able to figure out. I think some of them know way deep down in the deep, dark crevices of their tiny little soul that they cannot politically survive a successful Trump presidency. At one time I think they thought they could. No matter what Trump did, good or bad, I think they thought they’d be able to get rid of him ’cause people hate Trump ’cause he’s barbarian, he’s a pig, because he’s not smart, he’s stupid, he can’t put two sentences together.

Oh, that’s the latest from Wolff. “Yeah, Trump can’t put two sentences together.” Here’s a guy that did four rallies a day, hour and a half each with no notes. And he can’t put two sentences together. Meanwhile, over here, the smartest woman in the world, Hillary Clinton, could barely stand up for an hour and a half, much less speak without a teleprompter. And yet Hillary is the smartest woman in the world and Obama’s the smartest guy in the world and Trump is this idiot who is outperforming them all any measure you care to make.

And I think there’s some Democrats deep down very aware of this. And they know that it’s gonna be really tough for them if Trump has another month or two of success.


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