RUSH: Democrats Are Never Gonna Support ‘Universal Basic Income’

RUSH: About this guaranteed universal basic income, I want to warn you, folks, this is coming. It’s got supporters from all sides of the political spectrum. Charles Murray. There are people who have gone back and found in a Milton Friedman book that he supports — a lot of people are not gonna believe that. Well, there are five reasons purportedly why Friedman supported it. I’m gonna research it further. But it sounds almost identical to what Charles Murray is quoted as saying here in this San Francisco Chronicle story.

You get rid of food stamps. You get rid of welfare, every welfare program, you get rid of it. You get rid of AFDC. Get rid of all these bureaucracies, you close them down, and you just instead give everybody $13,000 a year. We’re doing it anyway. The point is we’re doing it anyway. Let’s change the structure and let’s incentivize it and let’s get rid of all this bureaucracy. The Democrats are never gonna support this. This is what Zuckerberg has yet to find out.

If it actually ends up being proposed as it’s being sold here, the Democrats don’t want to get rid of welfare. They don’t want to close those bureaucracies. They want to be in charge of who gets the money, and they want to make sure the recipients know that it was the Democrats that got it for ’em, not some national policy.

If there is a guaranteed universal basic income that’s gonna be handed out, the Democrats are not gonna allow it to happen without their fingerprints being on it. And if you close down every welfare agency, you get rid of food stamps, you get rid of — take your pick. I mean, folks, the redundancy in the, quote, unquote, welfare bureaucracy would stun you! How many different welfare programs there are.

Charles Murray is a Libertarian, and he says, if you read this purported quote from Milton Friedman’s book, same thing, close it all down, call it essentially a negative income tax. You start out with $13,000 as the starting figure, and they use that as an example. Somebody makes $30,000. As they earn more than 30, the 13 dwindles to a basic minimum of $5,600. Everybody would, at the end of day, no matter what else they make, get $6,500 for, in modern times, to be able to buy health insurance.

But get ready for it, because it’s coming and being sponsored by George Soros, sponsored by Zuckerberg, all of Silicon Valley. I haven’t seen a lot of Democrat names attached to it yet. As I say, if it’s proposed in the way it’s presented here, they’re gonna have trouble with it ’cause they don’t want the welfare bureaucracy to go away.


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