RUSH: Delayed Repeal Of Obamacare A DISASTER Waiting To Happen

RUSH: But in case you haven’t heard, there is an argument going on in the House of Representatives among the Republicans about how to do this.  The debate is over do we repeal it and then replace it in two years or three?  The big argument is — ’cause they don’t have a replacement plan right now.  They can repeal it the day Trump gets into office, but what do they replace it with?  So the argument is repeal it but delay the actual repeal, you know, you pass the law that repeals it, but you don’t repeal it for either two years or three.

Now, if you decide to replace it three years down the road and if you win big, if the Republicans win big in the 2018 midterms… Larry Sabato has a piece in which he said it’s possible the Republicans could have 62 or 63 seats in 2018.  But nobody knows.  I mean, Trump could turn out to be a disaster.  Trump could end up being great.  We don’t know.  The risk of waiting for three years after the 2018 midterms is: What if you lose seats and you’re the Republicans?  So the argument is, “Okay, repeal it, but then set the bomb to go off in two years so that you can replace it before the midterms and use that as a campaign aid.”

Some of the Republicans in the House are still reluctant to do any of this.  They don’t want to repeal it.  They want to repeal the mandate but leave the preexisting conditions.  This is a potential disaster waiting to happen simply because the Republicans really haven’t changed when it comes to this.  They’re still scared to death of taking away an entitlement from people, and its tentacles have now been interwoven deeply into our society, no matter how unhappy people are with the website and all that.


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