RUSH: CNN Is Sticking With The Cause Even Though They’re Losing Their Shirts

RUSH: If they’re using Gillette Fusion razors, that’s what they’re gonna use.  You’re not gonna convince them to go Schick.  So that’s why the demographic is important.  In that demographic, CNN just hit their lowest level since May of 2012, and May of 2012 was the lowest level since May of 2011 — and May of 2011 was the lowest level since May of 2010.  I mean, they have been in a steady nosedive. 

They are now averaging 78,000 viewers for the whole day. Just 78,000.  I would think that they would have that many captive in airports around the country, who have no choice but to watch CNN.  Their prime time number in the demo is 98,000.  We have more than that in a city block in New York City.  This is the one-year anniversary of Jeff Zucker, the “mastermind” of the Today show and MSNBC, coming in to fix this, and they continue to stick to this template.

They assume they’re not ideological.

They’re not liberals in the media. Oh, no!  They are in the center. 

“MSNBC? They’ve got the freak left, Fox has the freak right, and we at CNN are right in the middle.  We’ve got the independents. We’ve got the genuine, really smart consumers of the news,” and that’s what they’ve been telling themselves.  The fact is they’re just like anybody else in the liberal media, and they are celebrated, they are honored.  Zucker and these guys are heroes for sticking with the cause even though they’re losing their shirts.

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