RUSH: CNN Is Loving Covering Missing Malaysian Plane

RUSH: You know, folks, I’m sitting here and I’m watching CNN, and you can tell by watching, they are loving this. By the way, I think I read where Anderson Cooper has openly admitted this is the biggest story, the most intriguing, the most exciting in his career. He can’t get enough of this, the missing Malaysian airliner. Now, at some point, ladies and gentlemen, whatever happened is going to be learned, whatever happened is going to be reported. And I’m gonna repeat again, my fear is that whatever happened, whatever the explanation is, is not going to be believed by people. There have been so many cockamamie, out-of-this-world, ridiculous conspiracy theories that a relatively, comparatively simple explanation will not be believed.

I’ll give you an example. TWA Flight 800 took off from JFK. It was on the way to Paris. It was a Boeing 747. Over East Moriches it exploded. Jim Kallstrom at the time ran the New York office of the FBI. He was the lead investigator. Jim Kallstrom is a good friend of mine. I know him from work with the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. He’s one of the founders. In fact, they’ve got their big annual soiree tomorrow night at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York. I’m not going ’cause I can’t hear anything in there. It’s really a shame.

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