RUSH: Candy Crowley ‘Blowing Up Her Career Like A Suicide Bomber’

RUSH: Candy Crowley had to go back and eat crow on CNN.  In a real world, she woulda committed career suicide last night, in the real world.  In the media world I grew up in, her career would be finished.  It won’t be now, because she gave it her all for the good guys. She gave it all for the right side.  But she committed an act of journalistic terror or malpractice last night.  If there were any journalistic standards, what she did last night would have been the equivalent of blowing up her career like a suicide bomber.  But there aren’t any journalistic standards anymore. She’s going to be praised and celebrated, probably get a raise, maybe give her another half hour on that show she hosts.

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Limbaugh: Obama Could Not Have Done This Last Night Without Candy Crowley’s Assistance

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