RUSH: Blitzer Not Trying To Deceive In His Praise Of Christie’s Inaugural Speech

RUSH: Now, we had a caller who heard the Wolf Blitzer sound bite praising the Christie speech.  The caller admitted that he’s always viewed liberals as filled with deceit, which I understand.  So his pregunta was, “Is Wolf trying to deceive us?  Is Wolf, by praising the Christie speech, trying to get a bunch of people to support him, knowing he can’t win?”  That was the question.  Before I explain it, let’s go back and listen to what Wolf said.

He’s following a Gloria Borger comment on CNN.  This is after Christie’s inaugural speech today.  Gloria Borger made a big deal about how Christie is in trouble. He’s losing independents left and right. It’s looking hopeless.  There are other Drive-By Media types claiming that moneyed Republican donors are losing interest in Christie, and so she was saying he’s in big trouble, and Wolf came in and said (summarized), “You know, that’s just a shame, because, man, what a speech! What a great speech!” 

Here’s exactly what he said… 

(replaying of sound bite) 

RUSH: Okay.  So here you have an accredited member of the Drive-By Media praising a speech made by a Republican.  The question is: “Is he deceiving us or does he really believe it?”  In Wolf Blitzer’s case, here’s the answer to the question: Wolf believes it.  I don’t think that Wolf engages in deceit.  However, Wolf does believe that Republicans are the cliches. He believes the cliches — they’re bigots, they’re hated, they’re extremists — and thus Wolf believes that Republicans have to prove they’re not.

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