RUSH: Black Guys Take Precedence Over Women In The Democrat Party

RUSH: We have learned just now where this hundred million gonna come from! (laughing) Oh, Lordy! I love Open Line Friday. The money to pay for African-American social justice warrior causes would come from money already allocated to breast cancer awareness and salute to military service!

They’re gonna take money from the pink month of October and they’re gonna redirect it away from breast cancer research and all that to social justice warrior cases in the ‘hood! (laughing) They’re not even allocating any new money. They’re just gonna take the money from the women and shift it over to the social justice warrior cases in the ‘hood. They’re gonna take some money away from what they call Salute to Service. That’s the military.

San Francisco 49ers safety Eric Reid said, “So it would really be no skin off the owners’ backs. They’re just gonna move the money from those programs to this one? Well, don’t do us any favors.” You might say, “Not so dumb after all.” But here they are… How do you think this is gonna sit with the NAGs and the NOW gang and everybody else (laughing) to learn that the NFL’s gonna be taking money already promised and committed to breast cancer research.

The whole month of October, the players wear pink. (laughing) I don’t know. You can say they’re dumb, you can say they’re smart. I just… Whatever. I love this. (laughing) I absolutely love this. (interruption) Well, what? (interruption) They are not allocating any new money. (interruption) What they’re learning…? What did you say? (interruption) Mmm-hmm. (interruption) Right. (interruption) Oh. Well, you know, that’s actually true. You know what, folks?

There is precedent for this in the Democrat Party, on the American left, black guys rank higher than women — particularly white women. Hillary running for president 2008, was pretty much told by the party it’s hers. It’s her turn. “We’re paying you back. We appreciate all you’ve done,” and all it took was the arrival on the scene of a young, good-looking, young, clean — according to Joe Biden — black guy. And they threw Hillary overboard as fast as they could.

They threw under the bus, over the bus, and Obama became the star of the Democrat Party, and Hillary to this day is wondering what hit her. So the Democrat Party has shown that in their hierarchy, black guys do take precedence over women — and here we’re seeing it again. We are seeing it again now with the purloining of money from existing breast cancer charities and redirecting it to social justice cases in the ‘hood.


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