RUSH: Avoid This Sheep Business. You’ve Got One Life; Live It!

RUSH: One other thing. I actually got a couple of e-mails from people thanking me for something yesterday. Do you remember the story we had yesterday on the latest health news that alcoholic is not fattening? Despite everything you’ve heard of about it, despite the fact it triggers the release of insulin, it’s a big myth, alcohol isn’t fattening. They studied 20,000 women over 13 years or something. It was a long time with a lot of women, and they found that the women that consumed moderate amounts of adult beverage actually lost weight and were the skinniest of the bunch, and the women who did not consume adult beverages happened to be the chunkiest, the more full size, is a diplomatic way.

And my reaction to that — and this is what people were thanking me for.  You know, folks, I may be redundant in saying this, but I think it’s important, and it’s not a cliche.  It may sound like one.  We all only get one life.  I think not enough people really are cognizant of that.  I mean, you’ve heard the old cliche, “Live every day like it’s the last.”  And of course not everybody can or will or even wants to do that, but still, the point of it is pretty good.  There aren’t any real do-overs.  When you’ve lost the day, you’ve lost the day.  You don’t get it back and you can’t go to the bank and borrow another one.  It’s gone.

My only point with all of this stuff is, you’ve only got one life.  Live it.  Enjoy it.  Do not let all of these different agencies, be they government or special interests or whatever they are, medical groups, don’t let them paralyze you with fear over, if you have that peanut you’re gonna die 20 years from now. If you’re in a room where people are smoking, you’re gonna die and get sick.  None of it’s true.  We’re all gonna die of something, someday, somehow, for some reason, and so forth. But in the meantime, just avoid this sheep business.  You’ve got one life; live it!  Life really is meant to be lived.

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RUSH: Drinking Alcohol Does Not Make You Fat

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