RUSH: AP Does Story Explaining Contradictory Polls Because Of Me

RUSH: What poll are you talking about?  (interruption)  Oh.  Oh.  Okay.  All right.  I haven’t had a chance to check that.  Let me check real quick here.  Snerdley says that I caused a poll. Oh, here it is.  AP answers Rush without saying so, of course. 

Okay, so here’s what they did.  Oh, I get it.  AP had a poll last week that showed 26% approval for Obamacare, and then we had yesterday the Washington Post/ABC News poll, they said 49-48% approval.  So the AP has a story today to explain how that could be.  Snerdley believes that they did this story because I made such a big hype whoop-de-doo.  And I did, so it could well be.  “Polls often diverge by a few points, but it’s rare to see well-respected polls come to opposing conclusions about the public’s take on an issue.

“In the last week, however, an Associated Press-GfK poll found support for President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul at a new low while a Washington Post-ABC News poll showed it had hit a new high. The seemingly contradictory findings stem more from question wording and timing than from either poll doing something wrong or even misrepresenting public opinion.”

By the way, that’s right.  Look at the question in the ABC/Washington Post poll. I saw that after the program ended yesterday.  It was a meaningless, worthless question that produced this plurality.  It was something like that, “Do you think everybody should have health insurance?”  Well, hell, yes! That should have gotten an 80%, not 49%.

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