RUSH: Amnesty Is Dead. ‘Except For The GOP’

RUSH: It’s the State of the Coup address tonight. USA Today is reporting that, for the second straight year, undocumented immigrants will be in the chamber when President Obama makes the State of the Coup speech tonight. “As Congress struggles to reach an agreement on a way to overhaul the nation’s…” You know, this is dead. Except for the Republicans, this is dead. Everybody acknowledges it’s dead for 2014.

The Democrats could not get it done on their own, and Obama could not get it done.  I mean, the time passed.  Now, the Republicans are planning on reviving it.  It just goes to illustrate the game that’s played inside the Beltway with the establishment of both parties.  They’re hell-bent on getting this done, and no matter how.  There is no party difference on this issue.  Never mind the fact that it only polls at 3%. Only 3% of the American people would rank it as an important issue. 

So this is, again, the establishment forcing it on us.  Chamber of Commerce is forcing it on the Republicans — and the continuing parade of victims, people that break the law being portrayed as victims worthy of our sympathy.  People who are breaking the law are being present as worthy of our sympathy and being presented as examples of what a mean country this is.  They’re gonna bring in a parade of undocumented immigrants to the State of the Coup speech for the express purpose of having them portrayed as victims.

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