RUSH: Americans Lagging Behind Rest Of The World In Coming To Grips With Obama’s Incompetence

RUSH: But I can see the striped-pants crowd up at Foggy Bottom, in State Department parlance, being all atwitter. “Oh, my God! What does the world think? The Congress didn’t grant the use of force! What is the world going to think?” I think it’s about time the world knew the truth about what the people of this country think of this guy. Folks, the people of this country are lagging behind what the rest of the world thinks of Obama, I’m here to tell you.

The rest of the world, and I’m talking about particularly our enemies, have had Obama sized up for a long time. It’s not news to them. The American people are sort of a lagging indicator in coming to grips with Obama’s incompetence on things. We’ve got this press conference that Obama had today with Putin. We’ve got sound bites of it, and I’m reading some people who watched it describing it as Obama “unraveling.”

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