RUSH: Americans ‘ARE COOL’ To Border-Crossing Children

RUSH: But then there is the next story, and the next story is from an outraged Associated Press.  The headline says, “Poll: Americans Cool to Border-Crossing Children.” Okay, so who did this Reuters poll?  Well, let me look.  The poll was done by the Public Religion Research Institute.  Oh, yeah, we’ve heard of them.  You ever heard of the Public Religion Research Institute?  I haven’t either.  But they did a poll, Reuters published it, 70% of the American people think that they’re not illegals, they are refugees, and they deserve to be supported and housed, okay? 

AP, different poll.  “Americans are wary of granting refugee status to children crossing the US border to flee strife-torn countries in Central America, and most in an Associated Press-GfK poll say the US does not have a moral obligation to accept asylum seekers generally.”  Now, this is one of the most misleading headlines.  Remember, now, AP, this is where they’re gonna see it at Yahoo News.  That’s where a lot of the low-information people go to get their heads-up on what’s happening, Yahoo News. 

So you have two completely different stories.  One Reuters, one AP.  The Reuters story, 70% of the American people just love these kids.  They’re immigrants, no.  They’re refugees, yeah, and we should do everything for ’em.  And the same day, AP, the exact opposite.  Americans are wary of granting refugee status to children crossing the border, should not and do not have a moral obligation to accept asylum seekers. 

Now, when I first saw this headline, I thought it meant something entirely different, and in pop culture it does.  When I read this headline to you, what do you think the story’s gonna say?  “Poll: Americans Cool to Border-Crossing Children.” Yeah, it’s hip, man, it’s cool, hey, it’s all right, Americans are cool with it.  Americans are hip. Hey, man, it’s okay. Americans dig these border crossings. 

No.  Because the headline leaves out the word “are,” a-r-e.  An accurate headline would be:  “Americans Are Cool to Border-Crossing Children.”  This headline reads like Americans are cool with border crossing children.  But that’s not what the story says.  They are not hip to it.  The American people are not in favor of it.  But the AP is hoping nobody reads the story.  The AP is hoping all anybody sees is their headline:  “Americans Cool to Border Crossing Children.”  Not Americans cool off, not Americans not cool.  No.  Americans cool.  Put the word “to” in there, makes it really ambiguous.  No question what they’re trying to convey. 

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