RUSH: All Of California’s Green Efforts Have Indeed Altered The Climate

RUSH: Well, I have a theory, ladies and gentlemen.  And I would like to use the left’s logic of causation in explaining my theory to explain this.  The left believes that man is causing climate change, right?  And the left believes that exorbitant levels of CO2 are creating greenhouse gases, which is making the earth insufferable.  In fact, they even maintain in this record cold and record snow that it doesn’t mean that the world isn’t getting warmer.  Even when scientists heading to Antarctica to discover the melting ice get stuck in larger Antarctic ice than anybody knew existed and had to have three different rescue attempts, they still maintain that global warming is taking place, right? 

So my theory is this.  Should we maybe consider the possibility that all of California’s green efforts have indeed altered the climate?  Could it be that the high-pressure ridge off the coast of California is manmade?  Let’s look at this.  Californians, more than any other people in the country, believe this gobbledygook.  They believe manmade global warming.  They believe that driving electric cars can save the planet because they believe that driving fossil fuel cars is destroying the planet.  They believe in windmills.  They believe in green energy, solar energy, and wind energy, and they believe in reducing their carbon footprint.

They believe that gasoline and oil are horrible and rotten and poisonous and vicious and mean and destructive.  And so Californians more than any other have acted to reduce their own carbon footprint.  So the possibility is that maybe that by tinkering with CO2 levels, maybe Californians have caused the high-pressure ridge, and therefore the drought that is gripping their state.  After all, this drought began after years of California’s greenhouse gas reductions; after years of tamping down emissions; after years of economic recession by reducing the prevalence of fossil fuels.

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