RUSH: A HUGE Day For The Rule Law. ObamaCare Subsidies Are Illegal.

RUSH:  Yeah, it’s big. It’s very, very big, but what the heck?  Obama could just rewrite the law again if he wants to.  He’s already done that 71 times.  That’s the official count.  It’s either 41 or 71.  I’m not sure, one of the two, probably 71. All the waivers, all the delays, all the rewrites, 71 executive changes to Obamacare, if you count the IRS and their interpretation of things.  Anyway, it’s a big ruling, if it holds, ladies and gentlemen. 

How are you?  Great to be back with you.  Rush Limbaugh here at the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. 

“A federal appeals court –” it’s a DC circuit “– on Tuesday struck down the subsidies available to consumers in states where health coverage is purchased on insurance exchanges established by the federal government.”  Here’s the way the law, as written in the LA Times — it’s just a glitch in the wording.  Come on, people.

It’s not a glitch in the wording!  It is the way law was written.  The only way you can get a subsidy for purchasing insurance for Obamacare is through a state exchange.  Well, not all the states set up exchanges.  Some of the states opted out. They didn’t want anything to do with Obamacare. They were trying to do what they could to stop it, delay it, and so the Feds came in and started their own exchanges, and that’s what is.  And it is not a state exchange. 

So everybody who has purchased Obamacare through, the federal exchange, essentially, and has gotten a subsidy is now disallowed.  That’s it, in a nutshell.  And that’s the law.  This is a huge day, at least temporarily, for the rule of law.  Folks, the law couldn’t be plainer.  And this poor writer at the LA Time (imitating writer), “It’s just a glitch in the wording. Come on, people, it’s just a glitch.”  Glitch in the wording?  The law is the law and Obama hasn’t liked it 71 different times and has changed it, in order to protect Democrats at election time.  Everybody that’s paying scant attention knows this. 

It’s a huge day for the rule of law here.  The DC circuit, 2-1 vote — now, there are a number of different ways this can go.  It’s by no means over.  The losing side, in this case the Regime, can ask for an en banc ruling or hearing.  That means ask for every judge to hear and vote on the case at the DC circuit which would — I don’t know how many judges are on that circuit, usually 12, 13, it could be up to 20, I just don’t know the number.  But every case starts with a three-judge panel, and then the losers can ask for en banc, and then after that you go to the Supreme Court, if they take it.

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RUSH WAS RIGHT! ObamaCare Subsidies Are Illegal

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