RUSH: 777 Pilot Offers Theory On What May Have Happened To Missing Malaysian Plane

RUSH:  — fly these things that actual on-board training is cost prohibitive.  That’s why the simulators, for other reasons.  Okay, so you’ve heard everything I assume that’s being bandied about to explain this.  You flew the airplane, you’ve heard everything.  What are your thoughts?

CALLER:  Well, my thought is basically, I think you and I are thinking on the same lines — you’ve heard of Occam’s razor, right?

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  Occam’s razor is what I believe, that the simplest explanation is probably the one that’s true.  And the thing that I believe happened is I think one of the pilots commandeered the airplane from the other pilot. My personal feeling is it might be the captain. The flight path climbed up precipitously to 45,000 feet, stalled, and then dove down to 25,000 feet ’til it was recovered, would probably parallel a cockpit fight for control of the aircraft. 

So I think what happened was the other pilot didn’t want to go along with what the other pilot was doing, so they started fighting. And during that time nobody was flying the airplane, it started climbing, went into a stall and finally somebody got control and recovered the airplane at 25,000 feet, then it took off in whatever direction they think it took off.  My personal feeling is the airplane is probably at the bottom of the sea. He probably dove it into the ocean a la Flight 93 at about six, 700 knots, and they won’t find any debris field.  It will be too small.

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