‘REVERSE HONEY POT’: RUSH: Young Starlets Could Profit By Allowing Themselves To Be Hit On By Harvey Weinstein

RUSH: Now, there have been all these payouts. I don’t know how much Harvey’s had to pay, but there are at least eight of them, and they have probably been pretty sizable in order for everybody to stay quiet. The money had to be sufficient to guarantee that. That money’s gotta come somewhere. And if it came from the company by hook or by crook, it would be awfully difficult to show profit above the line if you are doing that.

Now, I don’t say this to excuse old Harvey here, but there may be a reason why the women stayed quiet. It could have — I’m not saying that it did — but it could have evolved among the chitchat among women in Hollywood that if you can somehow finagle yourself into getting harassed by Harvey, you could get a huge payout. Yeah, Snerdley’s looking at me. “Oh, yeah. I never thought of that.” Don’t doubt that for a moment, folks. I mean, we’re not dealing with pure, virginal, white innocence here anywhere in this story. Okay? We’re talking about Hollywood where the casting couch has long been known as a reality.

So is it possible that no one ever talked about this before because young starlets knew, the word had spread they could get a lot of cash if they could finagle themselves into a situation to be harassed by Harvey? In other words, kind of like a reverse honey pot. Oh, yeah, Snerdley likes this theory. Reverse honey pot or maybe even not a reverse, double reverse honey pot, just straight honey pot. Young starlets could profit by allowing themselves to be hit on by Harvey.

What would it take, watching the guy naked take a shower? If the payout for that is sufficient, who wouldn’t do it? If the word spreads: “Yeah, I got X-number of dollars,” whatever the payout is. Gossip. “Yeah, I got all kinds of money. All you gotta do is get an invitation, man, you too.” I mean, it’s a long shot. And I’m not offering it to excuse Harvey.

Well, it may be a long shot, but it does sound real. We’re talking Hollywood here. We’re talking conniving left and right, up and down. We’re talking about you never know when anybody is sincere in Hollywood. They’re all actors. You never know. If you deal with a very accomplished actor or actress, you have no idea when reality ends or begins.



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