‘PLANNED GENOCIDE’; RUSH: Nick Cannon NAILS Planned Parenthood

RUSH: Mr. Snerdley, you know who the black actor and entertainer Nick Cannon is?  Have you heard what Nick Cannon said over the Thanksgiving weekend?  Nick Cannon said that Planned Parenthood is planned genocide of African-Americans.  He called it eugenics.  He described it exactly as it is.  He’s a black entertainer.

Nick Cannon.  Help me out here.  Did he used to have a relationship with Mariah Carey?  He was married to Mariah Carey.  Yeah, for a minute.  Right.  So that’s who he is.  And, of course, then he took a relative amount of heat, and he reaffirmed what he had said.  I have the story here but not in front of me so I’ve gotta paraphrase.  But he said, African-Americans, you have to learn something.  This system wasn’t set up for us.  He’s talking about the founding of the country, and at the time of the founding, he would have been right. The days when, in order to get the Southern states to join Union, the framers had to make all kinds of concessions, which they made to allow slavery to continue, but they made sure to write in the Constitution the tools necessary to abolish it down the road, which also happened.  You know, we are one of the only countries to abolish slavery, and yet the civil rights coalitions run around acting like it’s still the order of the day.  But he went to point out, he said, look, you people celebrating Planned Parenthood have got to get a grip.  They are committing genocide again.

And who are they?  Well, it’s a bunch of white liberal plantation owner types that run and fund and pay for Planned Parenthood.  He nailed it.  And because it was over the Thanksgiving weekend it did not get a lot of attention.  That would have been another earthquake and another tsunami had that happened during a normal news cycle.


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