PICKLE-GATE: Limbaugh Show Staff Think Hillary’s Pickle Jar Was Pre-Opened

RUSH: One of the most controversial aspects of the presidential campaign has become, “Did Hillary Clinton rig opening a can of pickles on the Jimmy Kimmel show earlier this week?”

A major controversy — (laughing) — has erupted.  Kimmel had her on, she was gonna prove that she’s strong enough to be president. So he brings out a jar of pickles and sees if she can open it.  She goes through this massive gyration like she’s just using every bit of strength she can. She rotates her whole body and finally she cracks the lid, and the audience applauds.  And conspiracy theorists are claiming the whole thing was rigged, that the lid had already been loosened. (interruption) You think it was rigged?  I’ve got two people here on the other side of the glass, you think the Hillary, Jimmy Kimmel bit was rigged?

There you go.  Even my staff, ladies and gentlemen, has now gone fully immersed into the notion that the campaign is a reality show.  It’s entertaining, and you watch it to see what kind of outrageous thing is gonna happen next.  You don’t judge anybody in the middle of it ’cause you don’t want it to end.  You just watch it and you absorb it.


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