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RUSH: Dems Accuse Cuccinelli Of Being Anti-Rat

RUSH: I kid you not.  Folks, this is from the Washington Post.  You’re gonna think I’m making this up.  From the Washington Post: “Latino Voters Say Health Care, Controversial Remark Spur Them to Turn Out for McAuliffe.” 

Now, what was the “controversial remark” that he made?  I’m gonna tell you.  This is from the article in the Washington Post.  Cuccinelli “was pilloried in a Democratic campaign commercial for a remark he made criticizing a DC law on pest control, which he claimed prevented the killing of rats. ‘It is worse than our immigration policy,’ Cuccinelli said in a 2012 radio interview. ‘You can’t break up rat families … and you can’t even kill ’em.'”

It’s true. In Washington, you cannot kill rats.  You have to capture the rats and move them, out of compassion for them, and he opposed that.  “In a Spanish-language television ad that aired last month, Virginia’s Democratic Party denounced the comment — which Cuccinelli’s campaign said was taken out of context.  ‘He was talking about how disturbing it was that our laws treat rats better than people, because our laws let us break up immigrant families,’ Republican Party spokesman Garren Shipley said. 

“But judging by interviews with Latino voters on Tuesday, the ad … resonated.”  All Cuccinelli did, is he opposed the Washington, DC, law. The city has a policy: If you find a rat population, you can’t kill the rat or the population.  You have to round them up and move them someplace, and he was saying, “For crying out loud, we’re treating rats better than we do immigrants,” and that became “Cuccinelli anti-immigrant and anti-rat!”

I kid you not.

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