‘PANIC LEVEL ABSURD’: Limbaugh BLOWS APART The Idea That Trump Is Childlike

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RUSH: I’m gonna keep building on this theme that’s developed after this book here that Trump is moron, that everybody thinks he’s a moron, that a hundred percent of the people around him think he’s a child. I’m gonna share some personal experiences. I’m gonna blow this out of the water. It’s patently absurd. I mean, this is panic-level absurd. This is beyond-the-pale absurd.

It’s so outrageous and insane. I mean, there’s no effort to even moderate this, no effort to even temper this. I mean, it’s extreme as anything. “A hundred percent of the people in the White House who work with Trump think…” That’s absurd!


RUSH: Now, this business of being childlike?

I maintain to you that this is nothing more than people in Washington who are more alike than you would ever believe. And one of the ways in which they’re alike, they think they are super adults. They think they are the epitome of morality and maturity. They think that they define refinement and sophistication and propriety and all these things. As such, I don’t think they’re capable of understanding somebody like Donald Trump. This allegation that he’s childlike and demands affection, demands praise, demands to be…?

What did he say here? “Need for immediate gratification.” You know, I could just as easily say that about Barack Obama. If there was somebody who needed adulation, needed people thinking he’s the smartest guy in the room, needed people fawning all over him at press conferences, it was Barack Obama. You telling me that Trump expects to be loved and liked when he’s out there calling these people fake media, fake news?

Is that how you go about being immediately gratified? Normally you suck up to people when you want immediate gratification. Normally you want flattery when you want immediate gratification, when you want praise. Trump is not seeking praise from these people. He’s declared war on them! They have a personality type they don’t understand and can’t understand.



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